3 Tips for Starting a Mobile Detailing Business

While some shifted into a new work situation, others simply found other means to make a living in the form of side hustles or small business owners. This is the perfect opportunity to own your own business, help others with a skill you’re passionate and knowledgeable about, and best of all, you’re the boss and you decide when and where you want to work!

One means of a small business or side hustle is creating your own mobile car detailing service. If you love cars, look forward to washing cars and detailing, and even offer to clean your friends’ vehicles because you simply enjoy it, why not get paid for your services? As exciting as the idea seems, starting your own business isn’t easy. There are many factors to consider, such as financial planning, marketing, and stock of car cleaning supplies. If you’re unsure about how to get started, here are 3 tips for starting a mobile car detailing service to help get you inspired:

  • Plan ahead of your startup business costs. This could be both fun and intimidating. As a car detailing enthusiast and professional car detailer in the making, you probably already have many car wash essentials to start your mobile car detailing service. If you’re unsure about a few must-have basic products you need, here’s a list to start with:
    • Bucket and Car Wash Mitts
    • Pressure Washer
    • Towels
    • Cleaning Products - soap, wax, degreaser, tire shine
    • Vacuum 

You can’t talk cost without pricing your services. You know you offer the proper skills and knowledge, so be sure to price your skills and services accordingly. If you and your friends know your car wash and car detailing jobs produce flawless finishes, don’t be afraid to price your worth to cover both your time, cost of supplies, and to help your business continue to thrive.

  • Research your potential clients and learn marketing tactics. Ask yourself who else, other than friends or family, could benefit from your detailing services? If you’re not sure where to look, consider speaking with local business offices. Pitch partnering with these businesses by contracting your service to its employees once a week which, in turn, becomes a convenient service to office employees while also providing you with a consistent workplace and flow of customers. College campuses are another great option for dorm students whose cars are often parked outdoors or in public garages. With your go-to friends or family, ask to be recommended to others with busy, on-the-go lifestyles that have no time for extra errands, or to those who simply are unsure of how to properly wash or detail their car. Make sure to brush up on basic marketing skills and create a social media page on Instagram or Facebook to further advertise your services to surrounding cities. 

  • Retain customers with great service and a gift. Incentives can be a great way to be remembered and to retain new customers. For example, you might advertise an offer for an exclusive car care gift for first-time customers. Or, to keep them coming back, provide an offer that for every 10 car wash and car detailing services with your small business, customers can receive FullscaleBox’s 6-month car care subscription box for curated car care products you also personally use and love. With top-notch service and some freebies for their customer loyalty, you’ll have no problem building and retaining a long-term clientele.   

Feel inspired to be the best car detailer in the business or want to learn more about car care tips and products? Read up on the FullscaleBox Blog.