7 things nobody told you about taking a trip with your dog


Are you feeling cooped up and have been itching to just get away? With the majority of our time now being spent at home, even just to experience a change of scenery for a short time, is more prevalent than ever. 

Sure, traveling by airplane is still an option, but not only are there added restrictions, safety precautions, and health risks, not everyone is fully on board (no pun intended) with this means of travel just yet. This is why road trips have been a more popular vacation option for many.

However, bringing your pet on a road trip isn’t always an easy task and some preparation is needed. You both want to have an enjoyable time after all. Here are 7 tips to make sure you, and your car, are prepared for a scenic getaway with your pet. 

1. Prepare your car for a pet-friendly road trip. You can probably expect to bring a bit of dirt, dog hair flying when you turn on the a/c, mud, and more of nature’s elements inside your vehicle. Use weatherproof car mats in place of your regular car mats for easy cleanup. Don’t forget a comfortable seat cover for added protection and for your pet to snooze on during the trip. Now, you and your furry BFF are ready. But is your car fully prepped?

2. Stay well-equipped. Aside from plenty of food and water, make sure to check in with your pet’s vet ahead of time and bring any necessary medications your furry friend may need. Consider an all-in-one Dog Care Essentials kit, which includes waste bags, wipes, a collapsible bowl for easy storage, and even a toy for extra playtime at rest stops. These are some of our favorite ways to have an stress-free road trip.

3. Plan your route and take plenty of stops as needed. If you need a bathroom break and a snack break, so will your pet! Avoid accidents in your car (and unsafe distractions) and expect several stops for gas, snacks, and of course to stretch your legs and let out some of your pet’s energy. It helps to do some research ahead of time and map out additional pet friendly stops along your route. While you’re taking a break, take this time to touch up your car, too. Need to clean up a few snack spills from either you or your pet? No problem! A convenient on-the-go disinfectant kit is the perfect road trip companion for quick clean ups.

4. Dog and family? All together-now!? Road tripping with the dog and family can be done. It goes a long way when you can anticipate the needs of your dog by also ensuring you have essential needs for the trip. If spills and accidents can’t be avoided  packing things like extra water bottles, paper towels are always a good thing to keep stored in the door pockets. Lastly, it’s always helpful to keep a tablet handy for entertainment and for when the conversations start to get bland in the car.

5. Don’t forget the snacks! Be sure to carry snacks for you and your pooch. Try using zip-lock bags and stuff them with a few treats for your pup. Granola bars and trail-mix can also help us humans stay well fed and maybe even skip a stop and get to your final destination quicker. While waiting times at local restaurants and delis can be a drag, nobody likes to be hangry. Carrying a variety of snack packs or stuffing a few into your glove box can be a great way to wait for your turn at an outdoor dining restaurant.

6. Dog with car anxiety? No worries – Bring along a dog tie-down anchor to  give you a much needed break from holding the leash while making stops along the coast or near desert. Using a tie-down a couple of times a day allows your dog to learn that though you go away, you always return and that he can’t attach himself to you.

7. Keep it comfy – Bring a dog bed to help provide comfort for the ride. This and a dog seat belt can help ensure the dog doesn’t have any happy moments and wants to crawl over to the driver side.

That’s it – It’s a wrap! After the trip, by now you should have a hand vacuum that’ll help with some of the clean up in the vehicle and tidy up some of the mess made along the way. Now that preparation is complete for both you and your pet, hit the highway and enjoy the ride! 


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