7 Essential tips on things to keep in your car's glovebox in 2021

Some of us keep absolutely nothing in our cars, except for essential insurance papers stashed in the glovebox and perhaps a few tools or jumper cables. Then there are others that practically keep their entire life in their vehicles out of convenience, whether it’s a spare set of shoes or clothes, or emergency snacks for little ones. No matter what your lifestyle is, it’s essential to have a few safety, self care, and car cleaning tools on hand at all times. What do you keep in your car?

  1. Personal care and products to keep you feeling good. Ladies, if you’re the type of person with a busy schedule and constantly hopping from the gym, to work, and then attending appointments or events in the evening, a quick refresh in between is a must. Our Self Care Kit includes travel size personal care items, such as cleansing wipes, face wash, and body wash so you can conveniently carry them with you wherever you go. They make the perfect gift for other busy friends, too!

  2. Keep a first aid kit on hand. Whether you’re commuting to work or going on a road trip, you never know when an emergency or natural disaster strikes. Stay prepared with a first aid kit that includes basic wound care and medicine, but make sure to also include a flashlight, extra batteries, and a versatile swiss army knife.  

  3. Don't neglect vehicle maintenance with our handy checklist. Our Car Safety Maintenance Checklist  is the perfect place to start. Having this checklist will be a physical reminder in your vehicle to keep you honest about all that your vehicle needs. This includes car cleaning care as well as essentials for the event of a continued quarantine or lockdown. 

  4. Keep a map handy. Don’t always rely on technology and keep a map as a backup. Yes, a physical map! As old school as it seems, it will come in handy during road trips or emergencies when you’re lost, don’t have access to your GPS, or lose phone signal. 

  5. Let’s face it, the covid pandemic has made sanitizers and masks essential everyday accessories. Taking extra preventative measures by keeping a small pack of wipes and a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your glovebox will help to keep yourself and anyone you’re traveling with as clean and safe as possible. Don’t forget to stash a few disposable masks just in case you forget your reusable ones at home.  

  6. Basic sanitizing products and car care products. After all, you’re sitting and touching your car’s surfaces after an afternoon of errands. A weekly interior car wash may be ideal, however interior detailing can be maintained in between full washes. Our travel size Car Care Kit has all the basic tools you need for quick car cleanings, including a mini car shampoo and mini car polish.

  7. What pairs perfectly with our Car Care Kit? Microfiber cloths, of course! Our kit includes a few, but extra cloths in various sizes wouldn’t hurt. These are great for quick drying after a hand car wash or exterior detailing. Microfiber cloths come in handy too for accidental spills, especially when pets or little ones are in the car with you.  

With these 7 tips on essential items to keep in your glovebox, you’ll not help keep your car in tip top shape between full car washes and detailing, you’re taking care of yourself, too. During these times, a little extra TLC never hurt.