7 Ways to Beat Quarantine Stress in your Car

Being in quarantine doesn't have to be so painful. The COVID 19 pandemic has definitely thrown us all off track. 

HERE are a few simple ways you can beat the stress that might come about from the pandemic and social distancing.

1. Go for a scenic drive. There’s something about driving near the beach, or an area full of nice trees. Given the reduction in daily commuters on the road it's a good time to drive and absorb the views of the palm tree filled skies or ocean breeze, if you’re near the coast.  

2. Do a contactless drive-through car wash. One, it’s probably been a while since you’ve last washed your car on the outside and two, it’s a good time to just use it as a means to have some white noise play from the machines during the car wash. By now a few car care products would be helpful to store in your car. One is a hand sanitizer and another is disinfectant wipes. We also offer additional car detailing products. If you sign up for FullscaleBox we have a 10% off discount code you can use. (Promo code: G4KAGBBKEP5R)

3. Drive-through Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or support your favorite local coffee place. Studies have found that the present times have called for a lot of comfort eating to de-stress. Perhaps you need that coffee/tea and a pastry. Sometimes indulging in this all by yourself, in your car can add some much-needed peace, time to yourself and clears your mind from the things being done at home.

4. Send photos to print at your local pharmacy and pick up via drive-through. Most pharmacies offer to pick up options beyond the usual pharmacy items and photos can be sent from a mobile app. Most of us never have time to print our family photos or photos taken on our mobile phones. Chances are you can now bring something exciting back home and even build a physical photo album together with family and friends.

5. Meditate in your car. Sometimes we find that the only peaceful quiet place we have is our car. Our home has our spouse, children, roommates, in-laws, chores to be done, and etc. Get into your car, park in a quiet place; could even be your driveway or garage and throw on your favorite YouTube show - ours is Rich Rebuilds.

6.  Drive and park at a local church or near the parking lot. If you’re a spiritual person, this is an interesting way to beat the quarantine fatigue and stress of being indoors so much. If you’re not big on religion than maybe another option is driving to a park. If you have a sunroof - open it up and turn off the radio and listen to the bird's chirp.

7. Drive to catch up on podcasts and listen to music. Studies have shown that music can do so much curing to our mental state. Perhaps listening to your favorite podcast or playlist can ease your mind and beat the quarantine stress.

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