Top 5 Tesla Mods that will turn heads

How to mod and customize your Tesla

Some people just lease or buy a Tesla and keep it going. Others want to turn the dial up and customize things to stand apart front the rest of the crowd. Here are some noticeable things people do to keep their Tesla looking great everyday.

1) Chrome delete

Most people don’t like the chrome bling of the old days and prefer a matte black trim all over for a clean and minimal appeal.

2) Full or Partial Car Wrap

Less shine or no shine at all can capture the attention of many in a parking lot and help bring out the natural curves of Tesla car design.

3) De-badge or add an accent color 

The world doesn’t need to know whether you have standard range or dual motors. People often plasti dip the letters to a flat black or a give a red color change to stand out further. Common things done often are blending in the door handle chrome to the same color of the car. If done right, it can look really tastefully done. 

4) Updates to the Model 3 base wheels

Some really just remove the hubcaps from the base wheels, but others do a few more finishing touches that are really inexpensive.

5) Keep detailing supplies nearby

Not so much a mod but more of a common necessity to keep basic things like A few microfiber towels, detailing sprays and brushes to keep the screen finger print screen and wipe off debris from the car. A great way to do this easily is to  subscribe to Fullscale Box and get monthly car detailing supplies in your mailbox so you don’t even have to think about it. This becomes super handy in the event there are multiple Tesla’s or additional cars in the household.