Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

If you’re running a business or a even leading a team, sometimes it’s difficult to make a connection through everyday hustle and bustle. Sure, taking the team out for an occasional lunch or treating the company to a pizza party are nice options. But for a more personal touch, especially during the holiday season, show your true appreciation of employees by considering corporate gifting ideas as an alternative.

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is a gesture that creates a connection while creating positive associations, securing better relationships, and showing appreciation to employees. This becomes an unexpected surprise where employees may end up feeling more valued or feel a sense of belonging and connection to their team. As result, feeling appreciated could translate into better productivity in the workplace. Corporate gifts can be given for any occasion, such as an employee’s personal achievement, during company events such as milestone years of service, and other special recognition such as going the extra mile to help a colleague or even their birthday. 

What are the best gift ideas?

With the holidays upon us, there’s no better time than now to think about corporate holiday gifts. When it comes to corporate gift ideas, sure, mugs with your business logo filled with candy is a simple and fun idea, but there’s probably a good chance this gift would end up siting on the corner of your employees desk collecting dust. Thinking about passing out Starbucks cards instead? A few free cups of coffee will be appreciated, but what these easy go-to gifts are missing is the thoughtfulness of the gesture itself. Rather than throwing together something easy for everyone, consider corporate gifts that are more curated, usable, and universally enjoyed by any employee no matter what their hobby or lifestyle.

Subscription boxes are the perfect gifting solution.

Whether you’e a large billion dollar company with thousands of employees or a small startup team with a tighter budget, subscription boxes make the perfect corporate gift. Why? Not only are they affordable, many curated boxes and offer different products to try on a monthly basis, but subscription boxes often provide products everyone can use in their everyday lives, no matter what their age or lifestyle. 

Some great options to consider are car related corporate gifts. Whether it was pre-pandemic times where everyone commuted to work, or experiencing a new reality of a hybrid or work-from-home schedule, there is most likely a vehicle that employees still use in their lives. Why not help with the upkeep of a universally prized possession than with car care products delivered right to their door? FullscaleBox’s memberships are perfect solutions to give employees the helping hand they need with their automotive upkeep. 

Not leading a billion dollar company or small team? You’re still probably getting ready for a holiday party at the office, or even celebrations with family and friends. No party is complete without Secret Santa or a fun game of White Elephant. Join in on the fun with a generous gift of a FullscaleBox bundle. Thinking of your mom, aunt, close female coworker? They’ll love the 2-in-1 Self Care Bundle for on the go touch ups for them to use or for their vehicle. What about the young intern who was finally able to afford their first used car or your younger cousin who just his license? Encourage car now with the New to You Car Starter Pack.

Whether you’re thinking of corporate gifts for employees or simply looking for the perfect holiday gift, browse FullscaleBox for car care products anyone will love. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it!