What's a Fullscalebox?

Basically, it's a collection of car care products packaged together. In a box or a bag. Each one is built around a specific story or theme, with the goal of introducing you to something new – a better way to care for your car, do a full detail inside and out, things like that.

What if I just want to buy one box and not subscribe?

You can, no problem. Boxes are $24.99 apiece for non–members, versus $19.99/mo when you're a member.

Do I get a box or a bag with items?

It depends. We have plans that ship out with boxes and affordable plans that ship items in our branded bags. For more information, please check out the plans page.

Do boxes always cost the same amount?

Yep. For members, each box is $19.99/mo – no matter the contents. For non-members prices vary in our store.

How is the membership different from boxes?

In addition to the boxes, we also have a monthly subscription when you become a member. You can buy them on their own, or have them sent to your automatically each month when you sign up to a subscription plan.

Can I get two different boxes this month?

Sure can. You can even get three. Just send us an email to hello@fullscalebox.co

When am I charged?

At some point between the 6th and 15th of the month, roughly a day before your box ships.

How do I skip a box if I don't want to get anything this month?

Shoot us an email at hello@fullscalebox.co and we'll try and hold back the box before it ships. If the order has already shipped, you can quickly and easily set up a free return by emailing us.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can skip my monthly box?



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