5 clean car tips inspired by successful people


1 - Have easy access to what you need
Work smarter, not harder! Whatever you need during your commute, whether it’s GPS or your charger, make sure it’s neatly in close proximity. If you haven’t bought a phone mount - do yourself a favor and do it now. Lastly, keep a memo pad nearby in the side compartment for conference call notes or info you need to jot down. 

2 - Reduce clutter
Stay organized. Eliminate trash and only keep things you use on your daily trips. Things left over from your road trip? Put them in storage! Your car should reflect your daily needs and nothing more. After all, you don’t need stressful car clutter to your already busy day. 

3 - Create a schedule
Plan it out. Pencil in a time to clean and organize your car. Whether it’s once a week, or once a month, do whatever works for you and your needs.

4 - Desire to improve your world
Wanting a better lifestyle includes bettering your car! After all, it’s one of the things you depend on the most.  Make sure it’s in great condition inside and out!

5 - Practice discipline with a routine
It can be difficult but realize how important it is to treat your car like a loved one. Keep it up, and soon, it’ll be an unbreakable routine!

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