7 Deep cleaning tips for cars



When washing your car, a quick and easy soap up and spray down will do the trick for general upkeep. But every once in a while, your car needs a little more love and care, just like we do! Deep cleaning and detailing your car even just a few times a year will do wonders in the long run. Not only will it look great longer, but it’ll also make your daily rides a lot more enjoyable. Not sure where to start? 


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Let’s find out how...

1. Clean engine and engine compartment

Most people don’t think of cleaning the engine and its compartment but don’t be afraid to go under the hood. Thanks to improved technology, engine components are well protected. First, make sure the engine is cold. You may want to cover the air intake, alternator, and any other exposed filters with a plastic bag. If you’re unsure of what these parts are or simply aren’t confident, stop here and leave this area to be professionally cleaned.

Otherwise, the next step is to use a spray-on degreasing product specifically designed to clean engines, and follow the instructions. Lastly, use towels and brushes to hand wipe leftover dirty spots to really give the engine and compartment a good cleaning.  

2. Use a clay bar

Our cars are constantly exposed to pollutants that stick to the paint’s surface. If it isn’t cleaned off, they can end up damaging your car’s paint and finish. Sometimes, a simple and quick car wash won’t do the trick. Instead, use a clay bar and clay bar lubricant to remove stubborn pollutants stuck to the surface. The final step is to use a wax or sealant to keep the surface smooth and clean.

3. Clean interior in detail

This part may feel a lot more like your house chores, but a car’s extra clean exterior deserves and equally tidy interior. Shake the floor mats, give the carpet and seats a vacuum, and maybe even use an upholstery cleaner. Use compressed air to tackle hard-to-reach dirt and debris in tiny crevices. Use tiny brushes and cotton swabs to clean and sanitize air vents, dashboard controls, and other small areas. Don’t forget to reach between the seats, center console, and glove compartment!

4. Eliminate problem smells

Sometimes, Febreze won’t always do the trick. With constant kid spills, or your morning coffee accident, periodic shampooing and vacuuming is a must. This will help prevent and remove offensive odors inside. Unfortunately with stubborn smells, such as pets, mildew, or cigarette smoke, a professional detailing will be needed.

5. Clean and protect wheels and tires

Brake dust can deter a wheel’s condition over time. Clean this by spraying cold wheels with a strong stream of water to remove dirt and debris. Spray a non-acidic wheel cleaner liberally on the wheel, and while it’s still wet, use a soft brush to remove dirt and brake dust. Don’t forget to clean around the lug nuts. Rinse and dry the wheels to prevent water spots and follow up with a metal polish and a way to really make them shine. Lastly, clean wheel wells, and use a silicone free tire dressing.

6. Restore headlights

Dim headlights at night are a safety hazard. Revive your clouded and oxidized headlights with an inexpensive restoration kit like this one HERE. They’re easy to clean and will make a huge difference both with function and aesthetics.

7. Deep clean the glass

Deep cleaning your windows will provide the perfect finishing touches to your car will look brand new! Make sure this is your final step so you avoid overspray from other liquids. First, clean contaminants from the glass with a clay bar. Then, use an ammonia-free liquid glass cleaner and a microfiber towel. Try working in the garage or shade so it doesn’t evaporate too quickly. Glass cleaner also works on your wiper blades to help improve their water removal.

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